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Emergency Dentist in DeLand FL

When you need an Emergency Dentist in DeLand Florida, call a specialist.  Emergency rooms and medical doctors have limited knowledge of dentistry and thus are unable to treat you. Only a dentist can diagnose and treat your dental emergency.

Rite Now Dental is owned and operated by Dr. Gregory Moo, here in DeLand FL. Our mission is to provide fast access to your emergency dental care.

Since our focus is being an Emergency Dentist office.  Our services are primarily limited to treating mouth and tooth pain, extractions (teeth pulled), root canals, and complete dentures.

Same day and immediate dentures (dentures placed when teeth pulled) are available.

Real Time 24-Hour Emergency Dentist In DeLand FL

We provide REAL TIME 24 Hour emergency dental care. Unlike other dentists who want you to believe they
are available anytime for emergency dental care, you expect YOUR emergency to be taken care of RITE

Contacting just any “emergency” dentist online or through an answering service, and then hoping
for a call back to make or confirm an appointment just isn’t an option. Who knows if or when you will
ever get that return call or when you will get an appointment?

Emergency Dental Service

We offer an unique Emergency Dental Service in this area.  We have regular office hours during the daytime.  If you need help outside of those hours for Emergency Dental Service, we can schedule an appointment, any day or time.  Even if you need help at 10pm or 3am, we can be there to help.

Our primary focus is on handling Dental Emergencies, so we do what it takes to be available to help the community.

Of course, other than solving Emergency Dental problems, we also make Dentures.  We offer a variety of options, including Dentures made on the same day you come in for a fitting.  That’s a unique service we can offer since we make Dentures here in our DeLand office.

To learn more about our real time 24 Hour Emergency Dentist office, click here.



Rite Now Dental is conveniently located near the I-4 exit on 17-92 in DeLand FL.

In most cases, extractions (tooth/teeth pulled) and root canals can be performed on a walk-in basis during regular office hours or during an emergency appointment after hours.

Waiting times can vary for walk-ins depending on patient load. We suggest calling ahead during office hours to make an appointment. Patients with appointments are given priority.

Call (386) 337-7070 for an appointment during regular office hours.

After hours visits can only be scheduled online. A non-refundable booking fee of $195, which includes examination and all diagnostic x-rays, is required. (Service are also available for late nights, weekends and holidays.)

Emergency Dentist in DeLand FL


2235 S Woodland Blvd.
Deland FL 32720

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ONLY if you are having problems with this website or having problems booking an after-hours appointment, please call or text 386-414-4166 (365/24/7).

Working Hours

MONDAY 09:00-3:00
TUESDAY 09:00-3:00
WEDNESDAY 09:00-3:00
THURSDAY 09:00-3:00
FRIDAY 09:00-12:00

Fees & Insurance

The After-Hours Fee

The after-hours online fee covers the exam and x-ray, but does not include services.  Once a diagnosis is made a fee will be quoted and collected before services are rendered.

Click here for more FAQs answered. 

Do you accept Insurance?

We accept many PPO plans during regular office hours only. We always accept all major credit cards and cash. Care Credit can also be used for the cost of treatment if you have an established line of credit. New Care Credit accounts can be opened during regular office hours only. Checks are not accepted.

Click here for more about the Insurance we take.

Do you accept Medicaid?

Medicaid is only accepted during regular office hours. We are one of the only dental offices to accept Medicaid’s Medically Needy/Share of Cost Insurance. Medicaid patients cannot be seen at ANY other times regardless of urgency and are not eligible to book an after hours appointment online.

Click here for more information about Medicaid as payment.

The Medically Needy Program

We accept the Medically Needy Share-of-Cost program.  We are the only office that accepts it in about a 4 hour radius.  This is a program that can help pay for Medicaid covered services, for people that have income or assets beyond the limits of regular Medicaid.  The share of cost means a certain cost in medical bills must be reached each month for Medicaid to be approved. 


Immediate Dentures

All denture work is performed from start to finish on site, in our own lab, at our Woodland Blvd location. Our denture laboratory utilizes state of the art materials and equipment to fabricate your denture.

Same day dentures are available for patients who already have dentures and need a new set, as well as for patients who need dentures inserted the same day teeth are pulled.  Some Medicare plans pay for dentures.  Call and we can check your coverage.

Please contact us regarding details and for more information regarding same day dentures

Recent Reviews

  • "This office went above and beyond the my expectations. My fiance was in terrible pain from an infected tooth and this office helped me make an after hours appointment online, came out after their hours to meet us at the office, then did what they needed to do to fix the problem that same night! The staff was super friendly and put in the extra effort to make sure all our questions were answered before we left their office. I really appreciate Rite Now Dental for their amazing service in our time of need! I defiantly recommend this office."    

    A. Frantz

  • "I had a wonderful experience with this dental office. I had a bad wisdom tooth and the molar next to it and they took me in immediately then effortlessly pulled the teeth with zero pain. They answered all my questions and prescribed the necessary medications for what I needed. This is the next day and I'm in no pain! I highly recommend this office to anyone that needs an extraction or dentures."  

    Jason Walters

  • "I would like to thank everyone at the Rite Now Dental office. I recently had to have emergency dental work done, and i am very pleased with the work and the staff. If it wasn't for your helpfulness and compassion i don't know how i would of made it through.. Thank you for everything expecially my beautiful smile."  

    Annette Lumpkins

  • "Fast response, great experience, did a root canal on a molar at midnight. In and out, and prices are reasonable."
    Steve Rioux
  • The best service i have ever received from a dental office. The doctor and staff were extremely kind and well informed. They didn't want to rob me for a bunch of money and i really appreciated that. They seemed to really care and it means a lot to have your doctor care about your health and comparability. I will definitely be coming back if i ever have a problem.


    Ashley Braman

  • I had to go in today and I am so happy with my visit. The staff and the Dr. were absolutely amazing. Thank you guys again seriously, that tooth has caused me so much pain and now it is all better. Thank you thank you. You will not find better prices either, I will be suggesting this place to everyone I know.

    Sarah Dempsey

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