Denture Services In DeLand Florida – Made On-Site & In Our Own Office

Denture Services

At Rite Now Dental we provide “on-site” Denture Services in DeLand FL, including customized dentures. And… we don’t make an “economy” denture!  Our standard denture (see below) is our best denture no matter what your dental insurance, Medicaid, or Medicare coverage. The teeth we use are a high quality, beautiful, popular, and contemporary lighter shade that meets our patient’s approval. One darker shade is available as an alternative or if necessary to blend with any existing natural teeth. Our Denture Services are performed by caring, skilled professionals experienced in the art and science of crafting dentures. Because we have an on-site denture laboratory and a full-time denture technician on staff during office hours, we are able to offer comprehensive service for both simple and difficult denture cases.

Immediate Dentures

Patients who need all existing teeth removed and a denture inserted “immediately” (Rite Now) after remaining teeth are removed, immediate dentures may be a great option. Immediate dentures are inserted “immediately” after the remaining natural teeth are removed. This allows patients to maintain a natural appearance while the jaw bone and tissues heal. Immediate dentures have many advantages.

  • Acts as a “bandage” over tooth sockets during healing.
  • Promotes controlled healing by acting as a “cast” over the jaw.
  • Enables the patient to eat right away and avoids the embarrassment of not having teeth.
  • It is easier to duplicate, or change, if the patient is looking for a different or improved appearance to their existing teeth.

Some disadvantages of immediate dentures sometimes referred to as “healing dentures”, are the need to be “relined” or re-made after the bone and tissues heal. They also can require more follow up visits and adjustments. 

Standard Denture

Patients who are not rushed but still looking for a high quality denture, our standard denture may be “Rite” for you. Consisting of high quality denture base and tooth acrylic, our standard denture is fabricated in our DeLand office by our in house lab. Over the course of 3-4 appointments, patients will meet with our dentist and technician as they fabricate your new smile.

At the first appointment, we will start your new denture by taking impressions to make a perfect copy of your mouth. The next appointment(s) will be to try in a wax “mock up” of your permanent denture allowing the doctor to assure that all is right from a technical standpoint and the patient can see the tooth shape, color and overall appearance. The patient will receive the completed dentures at a follow up appointment. Most patients will have their teeth within 3-5 weeks. Six months of adjustments are included.

Premium Dentures

Patients looking for the very best in materials, artistry, customization, and service, our premium dentures may be “Rite” for you. Made from the highest quality denture acrylics and teeth available, our in house lab will work one on one with the patient to fabricate a truly custom smile. A two year warranty against breakage, cracking and lost teeth is included as well as a six month adjustment period